Drink Card Power-Up for Trello

The Drink Card Power-Up connects Trello with Untappd so you can organise your craft beer life however you like!

This PowerUp adds two things to Trello cards:

It works by handling URL links to Untappd beers and breweries. When you attach a beer, for example, Drink Card sets the cover photo of the card to the beer label. Say you decide to rate the beers at your local pub... your board might now look something like this:

Example Trello tasting night board with Drink Card Power-Up

Or perhaps you own a venue and you'd like to plan upcoming events or pick out some interesting beers to order in. You might set up a board with lists for each upcoming event:

Example Trello event planning board with Drink Card Power-Up

As Drink Card is a PowerUp it is only available on the desktop, but the data it adds to a card is available when using the Trello mobile app. So if you've loaded up a board with your local pub's tap list before you go then you can easily categorise the cards and take notes on the Trello mobile app while you're enjoying your beer.

Using the Trello app at the pub!

How to use Drink Card

First install the Drink Card Power-Up (instructions are pending the public release of this Power-Up!)

Once installed you can add Untappd data to your cards in three ways:

One of the easiest ways to use Drink Card is to have the Untappd website and your Trello board open in two windows, then just click and drag beers onto your board. Drink Card will set up a card for each beer you drag:

How to drag a beer from Untappd into Trello

You can also create cards in Trello then click the 'Add Beer' button on the back of the card to bring up a beer search. Type in a few words and click the beer you're thinking of. Drink Card will then attach that beer to the card:

How to search for and add a beer in Trello

Either way your card now has detailed information about that beer from Untappd and links to more information about the brewery and this beer:

Untappd beer information on the back of a Trello card