Privacy Policy

This policy applies to the Drink Card app, which is a Power-Up for Trello written by Charles Gutjahr. Yes it's just me, no-one else behind this little app.

Information I collect

Drink Card does not store any information on you, however it may collect information which is stored on your computer or passes through servers I control.

To use Drink Card you must have both a Trello account and an Untappd account. I do not store any data related to those accounts. When you log in to Untappd, Drink Card will store an OAuth token that I cannot access. This token may be stored in your Trello account and/or the local storage of your browser.

When you display beer data, your OAuth token is passed to servers I control so that they can look up data from Untappd. Some personal information from your Untappd account may be returned by Untappd to servers I control, for example beers you have drunk and places you have checked in. Drink Card does not use or store that information and drops it immediately before returning data to Trello. Theoretically I could use those servers to see that personal information but I do not.


Drink Card does not normally record any logs. However I may from time to time enable server logging to investigate a problem. When this happens some basic technical information about you such as your IP address may be recorded. This information is not associated with you personally.

Information usage

I may use server logs to improve the Power-Up, fix problems and provide support to you.


I am based in Australia, which means I am subject to The Assistance and Access Act 2018. This means that — if my government asks me via an official notice — I am required to steal your data and lie to you about it. That seems pretty unlikely for your beer-drinking data, but who knows? If my government issued a notice on me then I would not be allowed to tell you.

The servers hosting Drink Card are operated by Amazon Web Services and are located in the USA.

Contact me

If you have questions about this privacy policy, please contact me at